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Title : Effect of Cattle Dung and Gypsum on Growth of Indian Major Carp, Rohu (Labeo rohita) Fry under Sodic Soil Conditions

Abstract :

The present study was conducted to determine the effect of Cattle dung and gypsum on the growth performance of Labeo rohita under sodic soil conditions. In a 90-day study, circular tanks having 500-liter water holding capacity were fertilized with seven different treatments viz. Feed+ Soilbase (control), Feed + Soilbase + Cattle dung(@15t/ha/m), Feed+ Soilbase + Cattle dung(@25t/ha/m), Feed+ Soilbase + Cattle dung(@30t/ha/m), Feed + Soilbase+ Cattle dung(@15t/ha/m+ Gypsum@5t/ha), Feed+ Soilbase + Cattle dung(@25t/ha/m+Gypsum@5t/ha), Feed+ Soilbase + Cattle dung(@30t/ha/m+Gypsum@5t/ha) named control, T1,T2,T3,T4, T5 and T6 respectively. Various parameters of water quality such as pH, ammonia, alkalinity, hardness, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, growth parameters like weight gain percentage, SGR, FCR as well as survivability of Labeo rohita fry were also assessed during the experimental period. The initial and final soil parameters such as pH, EC, Exchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP), Organic carbon percentage (OC%), nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, exchangeable potassium, exchangeable calcium, and exchangeable magnesium were also monitored. The growth and water quality parameters were also compared to the control group (where only soil base and feed were given). The objective of this study is to provide general information on sodic soil characteristics and water quality parameters specifically to study the survival and growth of Labeo rohita fry under different treatments of Cattle dung and gypsum which could ultimately enhance the overall soil and water quality. The information can be used to determine appropriate soil management based on soil characteristics so that the unutilized sodic soil can be used for fish production. Exposure of fish at treatment T6 where a higher dose of Cattle dung and gypsum along with soil base and feed was given were found to have significant improvement in fish growth rate, survivability, and water quality. The present result suggested that the application of Cattle dung along with gypsum at (6:1 ratio) improved the survival of Labeo rohita fry and also enhanced its growth.

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