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Title : Effect of aggressiveness and varietal screening in sesame against stem and Root Rot Pathogen

Abstract :

Sesame is important oilseed crop growing under light and drained soil for the oil and medicinal purpose. Stem and root rot caused maximum losses under sesame growing area and management is too difficult because of soil borne nature of the pathogen. Ten isolates collected from major sesame growing area of Rajasthan in which, all the isolates were significantly pathogenic on sesame tested on highly susceptible variety VRI-1 and produced typical symptoms. Among all the isolates, MPjd1 showed higher per cent disease incidence (56.00%) with minimum germination per cent (86.67%) of sesame seed tested against stem and root rot disease followed by MPjd2 (49.23%) disease incidence. Initial symptoms occurred within 26 days after sowing and found maximum pre emergence mortality with MPjd1 isolate. Twenty five entries of sesame were screened under field condition against stem and root rot and found that the none of variety or germplasm was recorded free from disease and categorized as immune or resistant. Only seven varieties namely RT-54, RT- 103, RT- 125, RT- 127, RT-351, RT- 346 and TKG- 306 were found moderately resistant.

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