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Title : Effect of age of seedlings and varieties on growth and yield parameters of transplanted wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in irrigated sub-tropics of Jammu

Abstract :

Twenty and thirty days old seedlings of wheat varieties were transplanted under organic conditions during the Rabi seasons of 2017-20 at the Organic Farming Research Centre, SKUAST-Jammu to assess the response of wheat varieties as a transplanted wheat crop on growth and productivity in irrigated sub-tropics of Jammu. The experiment comprises of transplanted and conventional method of wheat sowing of 5 different varieties of wheat viz JAUW 584, RSP 561, WH 1105, RAJ 3765 and JAUW 598 of 2 different age old seedlings sown at i,e. 20 & 30 days under organic condition. During the three year experiment it was reported that transplanted wheat recorded transplanted wheat produced 21% more grain yield than that from direct seeding. Further, among the different wheat varieties, ‘JAUW 584’ recorded the highest grain yield, straw yield and harvest index in transplanted method as compared with other wheat varieties. The maximum number of effective tillers/m2 (492) was observed in JAUW 584 at 20 days old seedlings; highest ear lengths (11.87 cm), maximum number of grains/ear (34.80) were observed in JAUW 584 at 20 days old seedlings. Based on the above results, it may be concluded that almost all of the yield and yield contributing characters of transplanted wheat performed best under the interaction between age of seedlings 20 days old seedlings and the variety JAUW 584. And it also indicated that wheat transplanting may be a viable alternative to direct seeding under late seeding conditions.

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