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Title : Economic Analysis of Cucumber-Based Crop Rotations Under Protected Structures in Haryana, India

Abstract :

The present study was conducted in Haryana state to find out the economics of crop rotation in the protected structures. In the study area, four cucumber-based crop rotations were found i.e. cucumber + cucumber (R1), cucumber + capsicum (R2), cucumber + tomato (R3), cucumber + lilium (R4). Sonepat, Karnal, and Hisar districts were purposively selected because of the predominance of protected structures. The results obtained in this study indicated that the R4 cropping rotation (₹4838447) has higher cost of cultivation followed by R2 (₹1765041), R3 (₹1760968) and R1 (₹1574530). Gross returns were higher in case of R4 cropping rotation (₹6942780) is a higher cost of cultivation followed by R3 (₹2261224), R2 (₹2215500) and R1 (₹2126250). Net returns were highest in R4 (₹2137185) followed by R1 (₹511720), R3 (₹500255) and R2 rotations (₹450459). The present study also revealed that maximum respondents were adopting R1 crop rotation because of the lesser cost of cultivation and higher net returns.

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