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Title : Ecology of seed dormancy and germination in Rice flat sedge (Cyperus difformis L)

Abstract :

Specific knowledge about seed dormancy, germination and emergence patterns of weed species aids in the development of integrated management strategies. Laboratory studies were conducted to determine the effect of environmental factors on seed germination and seedling emergence of Cyperus difformis (rice flat sedge). The objective of this experiment was to identify an effective method to break the innate dormancy of fresh seeds, in order to achieve uniform germination. For this, various physiological seed dormancy breaking treatments viz.,GA3, KNO3, Thiourea and distilled water were imposed to the seeds with various concentrations of solution and duration of soaking. Untreated dry seeds served as control. The results were revealed that all physiological treatments used in this study improved the germination. Among them, the superior performance was registered by soaking the seeds in the GA3 @ 600 ppm for 12 hrs. With the germination of 92 per cent. Whereas, the control seeds were recorded nil germination.

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