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Title : Dynamic model and visualization of Arabidopsis thaliana phenotype

Abstract :

As an important research subject in precision crop production and agroforestry, an optimized plant phenotype is a prerequisite for plant cultivation management and plant line design. Phenotype development and optimization is also a promising approach to adapt plant cultivation to future climate changes. To analyze the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on plant phenotypes more accurately, A. thaliana was used as the research object in the early stage of this study. Numerous experimental observations and data analyses were carried out to create a dataset for the virtual growth model of A. thaliana that was simulated using by applying the logistic model. Based on the morphological model of A. thaliana, a dynamic model and visualization were created in this study. The leaf morphological structure model of A. thaliana was developed using the NURBS surface, and its stem model was constructed using OpenGL, which enabled us to construct the main organs model of A. thaliana. Moreover, a leaf editor was developed that could edit leaf traits at different growth periods. Finally, a visual simulation of the development process of A. thaliana from the seedling to maturity under different growth conditions was created, providing an effective approach for studying the effects of environmental stress factors on A. thaliana phenotypes. Our work can provide a theoretical framework for research on a virtual dynamic growth model system of general agricultural and forestry plants.

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