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Title : Diversity Assessment of Seedling Origin Guava (Psidium guajava L.)

Abstract :

Diversity among seedling origin guava population growing in sub-tropical region of Jammu was assessed during the year 2017-18. Highest value of range was recorded as 165.34 for the character number of seeds per fruit followed by 90.47 for fruit weight, 88.47 for pulp percentage and 86.49 for fruit volume with mean values of 226.33, 142.7 g, 97.96 per cent and 146.9 cc respectively. Phenotypic coefficient of variation was higher than genotypic coefficient of variation for all the characters. Heritability values for different characters ranged between 37.14 to 81.14per cent. High heritability coupled with high genetic gain was recorded for tree volume, trunk girth, 100 seed weight, total soluble solids, acidity, ascorbic acid, and yield indicating additive gene action controlling these characters. On the basis of cluster analysis 70 genotypes were grouped into five clusters showing 124.71 to 185.20 inter-cluster and 274.40 to 834.74 intra-cluster distance. The clustering pattern also indicated that geographical diversity was not an essential factor for clustering of genotypes from a particular place into a specific cluster. Different characters contributed to a different extent towards total variability. Seed weight per fruit, Tree volume, pulp weight, non-reducing sugars, 100 seed weight, number of seeds per fruit and fruit weight were the major contributors towards total variation which contributed 37.55 per cent, 26.12 per cent, 12.80 per cent, 10.22 per cent, 5.25 per cent, 3.72 per cent and 3.14 per cent towards total variation in the population.

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