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Title : Distribution and tenancy relationship of operational land holding in different Agro-climatic Regions of Rajasthan

Abstract :

Land use is complex phenomenon technological change, climatic changes influences land use changes over time period. Rajasthan, the largest state in geography and varied climatic factors makes it important to understand the land use across the state. Present study aimed at understanding the distribution of operational land holding, tenancy relations and inequality in distribution with special reference to ten agro-climatic regions of the Rajasthan state. Various inequality indecies such as Gini coefficient, theil’s index and Atkinson’s index were used to measure inequality distribution. Secondary data collected since after the implementation of second land policy (1973 till 2015) for studying the tenancy status and data from 1995-96 was used for studying the inequality distribution of land. Study reported that Rajasthan's operational holdings increased from 3726.54 thousand number in 1970-71 to 7654.61 thousand number in 2015-16. The operating area has also been increased slightly, from 20340.54 thousand hectares in 1970-71 to 20735.72 thousand hectares in 2015-16. The results of the Gini coefficient, Atkinson's index, and Theil index indicated that land distribution inequality has decreased in Rajasthan over time.

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