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Title : Dissipation kinetics of emamectin benzoate residues in/on garden bean (Lablab purpureus var. typicus) using Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Abstract :

The aim of the study was to find out the dissipation rate of the emamectin benzoate residues in garden bean pods. Insecticides were sprayed at the farmers’ holding located at Naraseepuram, Coimbatore during the year 2022 (March to April) and the collected samples were processed and analysed in the laboratory. An effective modified QuEChERS method was developed and validated to estimate the emamectin residues in Ultra High Performance Chromatography. A good linearity with R2>0.99 was achieved with the Limit of Quantification as 0.05 mg/kg. Relative standard deviation was below 5 % for the recoveries obtained (95.77 to 97.21 %). The residues persisted upto 7 and 10 days after treatment for recommended (11 g a.i./ha) and double the recommended doses (22 g a.i./ha), respectively. The half-life of emamectin in garden bean was calculated as 1.83 days for recommended dose and 2.38 days for double the recommended dose.

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