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Title : Dissecting of Simple Sequence Repeat Polymorphism in The Indian Wheat Genotypes

Abstract :

A total of 93 allele was amplified with Each primer thus produced on an average 5.16 polymorphic bands and The number of alleles per locus ranged from 2 to 11. The polymorphism index content (PIC) value varied from 0.17 to 0.805 with an average of 0.680. SSR markers performed well in the detection of genetic diversity and maintaining wheat genetic diversity can be recommended for future wheat improvement program. Genomic DNA was extracted from different 33 thirty three wheat genotypes using CTAB procedure using 18 SSR markers primers. SSR molecular markers performed well for detection of genetic diversity, and amplified Matrix similarity of genotypes was calculated by using NTSYSpc.2.1 with Sanh-clustering using the UPGMA (Unweighted Paired Group Method Using Arithmetic Averages) method. The main aim of current study were to Dissecting of the genetic polymorphism, level of genetic diversity, genetic relationship, selection of efficient highly diverse parents, maintenance of germplasm, identification of putative and informativeness SSR markers can be recommended for developing road map for efficient selection and future crop improvement program.

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