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Title : Different Trust Model On the web Exchange by Trusted Third Party

Abstract :

The information fortune and the connectivity are provided by the universe of E-commerce over an enormous distance at all time. In an open and distributed environment the buyers or providers will not act in a mutually understood or agreed manner by which the incomplete practices and fraudulent activities happen. So in any online transaction the security and trust are two important factors that are to be considered. In Ecommerce markets the above mentioned problems are criticized as the most important barriers. In order to improve these barriers a trust based third party mechanism is successfully adopted as a self-regulatory system to improve the buyer and seller trust. The online transactions are made very easy now days by E-commerce technologies. Built integrity belief approach (BIB), Support Vector Mechanic approach (SVM) and Random Number Generation approach (RNG) are the three approaches which are mainly used in this paper for online trust management. The seller and the buyer communication will be handled through the trusted third party. Apart from this a coupon based approach is introduced as an advancement in this paper for providing discount schemes which is helpful in attracting the customer who purchase beyond the threshold level fixed by the seller. Moreover a product review study is integrated in order to reduce the scam reviews in online transactions.

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