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Title : Development of Supercapacitor Battery Powered Electric Farm Cart for Light Agricultural Duties

Abstract :

In this paper electric farm cart powered by super-capacitor battery was developed and its charging and discharging performances was studied. To do this, firstly the electric cart system configuration is introduced. The electric control components are shown. The super-capacitor batteries specification used in the experiment are presented. Next, the charging system consist of constant current (CC)/constant voltage (CV) Buck converter and super-capacitor cell balancing device was developed. Proportional control was proposed to control the current and voltage during charging process. Finally, experiment was done using developed prototype. Current and voltage was monitored using power analyzer during charging and operational. The experimental result shows that the proposed system successfully controls the charging current and balances the battery voltage. The maximum voltage of super-capacitor battery is 16.2V, the peak charging current is 20A and the charging time was less than 1 hour.

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