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Title : Development of semi mechanised tools for cutting and splitting of jack fruit for bulb separation

Abstract :

Jackfruit is a fruit that many people like because of its sweetness, but it is one of the important unused fruits. Extensive research has been done on the added value of jackfruit, but the machining of jackfruit for separating bulbs remains of great interest. Therefore, in order to facilitate the extraction of bulbs, we have developed a semi-machining machine for removing the core of jackfruit and dividing the fruit. The test was carried out by processing fruits of three different lengths, small (15-30 cm), medium (30-45 cm) and large (45 cm or more), at different cutting speeds of 600,700,800 rpm. When operated at a cutting speed of 800 rpm with the developed machine, the core removal rate was 96%, 89.5%, 71.3% and the fruit damage rate was 12.2% for small, medium and large size fruits. It was 8.6% and 4.1%. The total time required to cut and separate the bulbs using the developed machine was 7.10, 10.0 and 12.4 minutes for small, medium and large fruits, 13.25, 18.07, and 27.20 minutes. Less than manual processing by experts. The throughput capacity of the machine for small, medium and large fruits was 66 kg / h, 114 kg / h and 144 kg / h, respectively. The total cost of the developed tool was about 20,000 rubies ($ 295) and the total operating cost was about 52 rubies ($ 0.77) per hour. The developed machine can be operated by the average person with minimal labor and is ideal for small to large processors and entrepreneurs.

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