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Title : Development of Profitability-Based Ranking of Important Cereal Crops in Different States of India and its Implications

Abstract :

In Agriculture, the decision making by farmers depends on number of factors starting from climate, knowledge, economic cost and benefits, markets etc. Among them the profit from the crop is also one of the major factors. The increase or decrease in area under the crop by farmers mostly depends on profits from the crop. This profit from the crop is regularly changing. In important cereal crops, the profitability-based ranking is developed for important cereal crops in different states of India. In case of paddy, it is found that Punjab, MP, Haryana etc. are leaders in reaping benefits while other states as West Bengal, UP, Jharkhand etc. are getting lesser benefits from the crops. In case of Wheat, MP, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab etc. are leading states in profitability, while Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal are earning lesser profits. In maize, it is found that Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh etc. are leading states in profitability while Gujarat, Rajasthan, HP etc. are earning lesser profits. In Jowar, Andhra Pradesh and MP are leading states in profitability while Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra etc. are earning lesser profits. In case of Bajra, it is found that Gujarat has higher profitability while UP, Haryana, Maharashtra etc. are earning lesser profits. In case of Ragi, Karnataka and Odisha are leading states, but the profitability is very low. The higher profits in crops in region will lead to higher area of the crop over the period, so as an indicator, the efforts should be made to regulate the profits from all crops to maintain the diversity in area and trade between the regions. The number of factors are associated with higher and lesser profits in cereal crops as availability of suitable climate, inputs, irrigation facility, high yielding seed, consumption pattern, market support at higher price. By providing some of these facilities, the diversity can be created in cereals crops in the region. Higher the concentration of few crops in the region, will lead to imbalance of resources, pest and diseases and inequality.

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