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Title : Development of Image Analysis method for physical characterisation and determination of fibre content by physicochemical analysis of banana pseudostem

Abstract :

Banana pseudostem varieties from triplod cultivars of Musa acuminata (A) and Musa balbisiana (B) were evaluated in this study for fibre content through image analysis techniques. The samples were dried at 600C in tray drier and were subjected to proximate analysis. At the moisture content of 95.60,94.65,93.20,93.20 and 97.40% for five different cultivars namely Poovan (AAB), Neypoovan (AAB), Rasthali (AAB), Karpuravalli (ABB) and Monthan (ABB) proximate analysis showed Monthan has the highest fibre content (38.4±0.32) and lowest fat content (3.5±0.02). Morphological analysis including size and colour was performed through image processing using LabView software and validated with standard measurements(p≤0.05). Acquired images were subjected to histogram representation through R, G and B components showed a wide range from 5 to 255 for different varieties. The results indicated that colour of Monthan variety (ΔE 57.88±0.3) is lowest compared to other varieties and hence more suitable for development of fibre enriched food products. Image processing was used to measure the external and internal properties of intact fibre in the banana pseudostem for its effective quality grading.

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