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Title : Development of a control strategy for aeration systems of stored grains

Abstract :

A new grain aeration control strategy has been developed. This strategy is based on a simulation of the aeration process and acquisition data in real- time. This strategy was implemented using a simulation model coupled with intrinsic and extrinsic silo acquisitions. The decisions to activate and deactivate the aeration process depend on four conditions on the state of grain layers in real-time and simulation of the aeration process. This strategy has shown its significant safe storage potential. Indeed, for three test periods (P1, P2, and P3). The period P1 makes it possible to have an average temperature of stock of 15 0C in response to the said strategy in the critical summer period (P2), it has been noted that it does not have considerable cooling power. However, we have noticed the homogeneity of temperature distributions in grains. Additionally, for period P3 the average temperature reached there in the silo is around 25 0C during August (the period P3) which is considered beneficial for the new harvest.

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