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Title : Developing Soil quality indices for soil applied sulphur under major black gram (Vigno Munga. L) growing major contrasting soil series

Abstract :

The field experiments were conducted at two locations under Peelamedu and Vylogam series that shows; application of sulphur (S) along with recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF) has been significantly impact the soil quality. In Peelamedu series, the soils are swell shrink with low anion exchange capacity and high base saturation and reductant variables are such as Soil Microbial Biomass Nitrogen (SMBN), Actinomycetes, Acid Phosphatase, Alkalaine Phosphatase, SO42- - S, Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Bulk Density (BD) were retained in PC. And Vylogam series, high AEC with high sesquioxide (R2O3) ratio and the PC had 8 highly weighed variables such as soil N, P, K, SO42-, SOC, DTPA - Zn, DTPA - Fe and DTPA - Mn was selected as MDS for computing SQI. The soil quality indices were higher while applying sulphur @ 20 kg ha-1 as Potassium sulphate plus 0.5 per cent K2SO4 as foliar spray along with 100 per cent RDF in both the series.

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