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Title : Determination of Relationships between Plant Physical Characteristics for Yield Prediction Accuracy in Sugar Beet

Abstract :

In agricultural production, accurate crop yield and quality estimation in the early period are important factors in post-harvest planning. Although an acceptable accurate yield estimation is still made using terrestrial measurement methods, these methods are costly and time-consuming. The main difficulty in estimating yield and quality in products such as sugar beet is that the underground production section and its development cannot be physically monitored. The development status of the plant is generally monitored through the leaves. If a concrete relationship is deciphered between the plant indices and the growth stages of the plant, yield, and quality parameters can be monitored during the development period. To determine the physical relationships, the data of the four major production regions where 18% of Turkey's sugar production is realized were used for 2010-2020. In conclusion, the beet leaf reaches its maximum in the second half of July. In this period, the leaf-root relationship is medium-high, and leaf-sugar and leaf-yield relations are moderate. During the development of beet, root-sugar, and root-yield relationships are also at a medium-high level. When the rate of change is used together with the root/leaf ratio determined by months, it shows that accurate yield estimates can be made with these data.

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