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Title : Determination of Optimum Farm Power and Machinery Requirement for Large Scale Sugarcane Production.

Abstract :

There was need to optimally determine farm power and machinery critically not only because of the high proportion of total cost attached to machinery but also of the infrequency and irrevocability of such decisions to reduce operational loss. Values of tractors with its equivalent implements field capacity, draft and power requirements, field operations ownership and operational cost for 1,300 ha Sunti sugarcane cultivation operations for 2017 and 2018 cropping seasons were determined based on farm size, weather, soil conditions and time available with regard to crop operation cultivation sequence. The available tractors and equivalent implements at site were found to be more than the number actually required except for the cane loaders, cane transporting wagons and all the cane harvesters were not in good condition, hence cane was 100% manually harvested for these cropping seasons. There was enough earth work equipment available for land clearing/development, road construction/maintenance, dyke, irrigation and drainage works. Result of field cropping operation sequencing calendar shows that operations were overlapping with multi-periods and peak periods in November to February. With reference to economic aspects of tractor utilization in this study, average use per tractor was lower than accepted range for large sized farm at peak months of operation period of November, January and February during tillage, sowing and harvesting. Actual number of tractors/implements used was more than optimum requirement, hence the farm has low number of total tractor use which made the system to have more tractors in proportion to the amount of work done.

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