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Title : Design Optimization of a Coconut Climbing Mechanism

Abstract :

A coconut climber was subjected to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to have an optimized design. Using density-based topology optimization, the coconut climber was redesigned to improve its strength properties and reduce its overall weight. The proposed alternative design has a minimum yielding factor of safety of 5.70 and a weight reduction of at least 30.93%. Aluminum and carbon fiber were also proposed as alternatives to steel. Using these alternatives, the weight of the new design can be further reduced to at least 75.47% (for aluminum) and 84.06% (for carbon fiber) without compromising its strength properties. The numerical results revealed that the proposed design enhanced the overall functional attributes of the climber. It is recommended that other topologies and materials should be explored to further improve the design of the coconut climber.

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