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Title : Design modification and comparative analysis of cassava attrition peeling machine

Abstract :

An improved Cassaba wear peeler was developed by modifying the existing Cassaba peeler. A comparative analysis was performed on the test results, and it was shown that there was a significant difference in the amount and quality of the peeled cassava between the existing friction peeling method and the improved method. The results showed that the improved machine performed well by giving a high rate of 75.4%, a throughput of 119 kg / h, a tuber meat loss of 5.88%, and a specific energy consumption of 57.1 kJ / kg. The average processing time of 17.5 minutes / batch and the cost of N6.25 / kg (1 $ US ≒ 360N) resulted in improvements of 42.3% and 26%, respectively. This improved technique eliminated the pretreatment work of trimming, sorting and sorting of Cassaba tubers, which characterizes other techniques. The operation requires little operator skill, is locally supplied with all the materials used in manufacturing, and can produce machines that are acceptable to the small processing industry.

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