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Title : Design, fabrication, and preliminary evaluation of a Ditcher for rehabilitation of minor canals (Minors) in the Gezira scheme.

Abstract :

Efforts to find a possible solution of sedimentation in irrigation canals in the Gezira scheme in Sudan was thoroughly reviewed. As a contribution in these efforts, a desedimentation ditcher was conceptually designed. The newly designed ditcher was to be attached to a motor grader to de-sediment and rehabilitate the irrigation canals (minor canals) in the scheme. The tested model gave encouraging results and may further developed into a full-scale ditcher that can readily be mounted on a motor grader to perform desedimentation. The modeled machine has the potential to improve efficiency, energy consumption leading to enhancement of time management regarding the rehabilitation of the canalization system at much lower cost. The modeled Ditcher is expected to respond to the challenges paused by the current methods such as damage and change of section profile of the Minors and negatively influencing the production.

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