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Title : Design, fabrication and evaluation of a power operated walnut grader

Abstract :

Manual size selection of walnuts is a labor-intensive and tedious task, and is even more irrational and inefficient. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to design, manufacture and evaluate a power walnut sorter. Walnuts cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir, India are classified into four grades, all four grades are evaluated for various dimensional, physical, frictional and mechanical properties, and a mechanical system for walnut sorting. Created a database that plays an important role in the design of. A power walnut sorter was developed and tested. The machine consists of a supply hopper, casing, rotary pipe, delivery chute, sprocket, drive chain and control panel. The results of the performance test showed that the sorting error was greatly affected by the feeding speed, the tilt of the sorting machine, and the opening size from the feeding end to the trailing edge. A maximum average sorting efficiency of 96.3% (minimum sorting error 3.7%) was recorded with a supply rate of 400 kg / h and a sorter slope 80. The effective throughput capacity of the machine was estimated to be 337 kg / h. Adoption of this technology will help walnut growers, processors and other stakeholders to produce quality grade walnuts that are acceptable in the competitive market. In this paper, we described the design and performance evaluation of the walnut sorter and the meaning of the obtained results.

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