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Title : Design, development and performance evaluation of CIAE-millet mill

Abstract :

We designed and developed an environmentally friendly CIAE-Millet mill integrated with a pneumatic suction device. It simultaneously threshs minor millets and separates the shells from the threshed population. It is powered by a spindle speed of 960 rpm (for threshing) and a blower shaft speed of 1920 rpm (for pneumatic suction) (1 HP, single-phase motor). Its capacity is 100 kg / h for minor grains of 10-12 mc (wb). The overall dimensions of the machine are 860mmx842mmx1460mm. The performance of the CIAE-Millet threshing machine was evaluated using various types of minor grains. The results showed that the threshing efficiency was in the range of 70-85%.

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