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Title : Design, development and evaluation of manually-operated check row planter for dry sowing of rice

Abstract :

A manually operated regular row seeder for dry sowing of rice capable of planting two rows of rice at intervals of 25 cm x 25 cm was designed, manufactured and tested. The effective field capacity of the seeder was found to be 0.023 ha / h at a field efficiency of 47.38%, and the seeding rate was 10.1 kg / ha. Miss index, multiple index, and seed damage were 6.6%, 13.3%, and 2.1%, respectively. A comparative study was conducted to evaluate the performance of transplanting, spot seeding, and regular row seeding machines in the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). To sow on 1 hectare of land, the sowing machine required Rs.853 / ha (1US $ = 72Rs), which was less than manual transplanting and spot sowing in SRI. The developed seeder saved 66.7% and 72.4% cost compared to manual transplantation and spot seeding.

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