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Title : Design and field experiment of self-propelled Chinese little greens harvester

Abstract :

Aiming at the problems of difficult harvesting, low efficiency and high labor intensity of Chinese little greens, a self-propelled Chinese little greens harvester is designed. The bidirectional electric drive reciprocating cutter device is adopted to effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality. The motion cutting diagram of double-action cutter under different cutting speed ratio is drawn, which shows that the best cutting speed ratio to reduce the area of heavy cutting area and missing cutting area is k = 1.7, which could effectively reduce the phenomenon of heavy cutting and missing cutting. The inclined vertical flexible and orderly clamping conveying device is adopted to control the conveying speed at 1.2 ~ 1.5 times of the walking speed of machine to ensure the smooth conveying process and avoid congestion. The angle between the conveyor and the horizontal ground is controlled at 10 ° ~ 20 °. The field experiment shows that the performance of the harvest is good. The average time of harvesting Chinese little greens per 100 m2 is 57.17 seconds and the average loss rate is 6.475%. The research results could provide reference and theoretical basis for the development of other leafy vegetable harvesting machinery technology.

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