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Title : Design and Experimental Research on Distribution Mechanism of Liquid Manure Spreader

Abstract :

To solve the problems of high error on both sides and high coefficient of variation during the liquid manure distribution, This work designed a distribution mechanism integrating conveying, stirring and distribution functions, combing with the physical properties of selected liquid manure. Taking rotor speed, inlet flow and moving cutter structure as test factors, the Design-Expert 8.0.6 software was used to design "three-factor three-level quadratic regression" orthogonal test and establish response surface regression model. Through observing relative error and coefficient of variation, we performed uniform distribution characteristics test and parameter optimization of liquid manure. The results showed that the primary and secondary order of influencing factors on the relative error is rotor speed> inlet flow > moving cutter structure; the primary and secondary order of influencing factors on the coefficient of variation is inlet flow > moving cutter structure> rotor speed. Further, the optimization test indicated that 170 r/min rotor speed, 80 m3/h inlet flow, combined with arc-shaped moving cutter structure could output 10.50% relative error and 9.30% variation rate, which was less than 5% relative to the model predicted value.

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