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Title : Design and experiment on soil continuous obstacle reduction equipment

Abstract :

Aiming at the current obstacles to the continuous cropping of facility vegetables and the serious damage of root-knot nematode diseases in the greenhouse vegetables. In this paper, a comprehensive equipment for reducing obstacles in continuous cropping of protected vegetable soil was developed. Through the theoretical calculation of soil subsoiling device, the component parameters of subsoiling device were obtained. Through the combination of empirical design and theoretical design, the design of key components of soil subsoiling device was determined, and the prototype trial production was completed. In order to deeply analyze the interaction process between blade and soil, a blade soil finite element model was established. The field test results of the prototype showed that the subsoiling depth of the machine was 390 ~ 410 mm, the average ditch depth was 395 mm, the stability coefficient of ditch depth was 98.3%, the average ditch width was 495 mm, and the consistency of ditch width was 98.5%, which basically meet the agronomic requirements. Through the comparison of soil compactness before and after operation, it could be found that after deep loosening, the soil was obviously loose, the soil hardness decreased, and the soil permeability was improved. The incidence rate of 40 days after transplanting was only 53.5%, which was 23.6% incidence rate compared with the reference area. At the same time, this paper could provide reference for the obstacle reduction of soil continuous cropping in orchards, mulberry orchards and tea orchards.

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