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Title : Design and Experiment of Wheeled Robot and Attitude Intelligent Adjustment System in Hilly Mountains

Abstract :

Ordinary agricultural machinery is prone to tipping and tail swinging in hills and mountains, a wheeled robot whose attitude can be adjusted was designed in this paper. In order to carry out high precision and fast positioning, a three-point support leveling scheme was adopted, and a plane for positioning was used. The robot chassis is mainly composed of a front steering drive axle, two rear tire swinging mechanisms. The front steering drive axle can rotate around the longitudinal axis of the chassis, and the two rear wheels can swing around the hinge point, thus the attitude adjustment is realized. The design and calculation of the walking mechanism and the attitude adjustment mechanism were carried out, and the key parameters were obtained. An attitude intelligent detection and control system composed of vehicle-mounted industrial computer, STM32 controller, LIDAR and attitude sensor was also built. The attitude intelligent detection and control system was built based on the ROS, and the look-ahead control technology was used to plan the attitude adjustment path. The slope-climbing test of the prototype shows that the X-axis angular velocity is reduced by about 25% and the Y-axis acceleration is reduced by about 60%, which greatly reduces the possibility of tipping and rolling over. The turning test of the prototype shows that the acceleration along the X-axis can be reduced to zero, and the angular velocity around the Z-axis can be reduced by about 15%, which greatly reduces the risk of roll over and tail swing.

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