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Title : Design and experiment of impeller seed guide device for rice internal suction hole direct seeding device

Abstract :

Multi-grain hole-forming sowing and uniform hole spacing are important agronomic requirements for precise hole-direct seeding of rice. However, the traditional tubular seed-guiding device has problems such as poor hole-forming ability and large coefficient of variation of hole spacing in multi-grain hole-forming direct seeding of rice, especially for the internal suction seed-metering device with high-position seeding. Based on the structural characteristics of the suction component of the internal suction seed-metering device, this paper innovatively designs a kind of impeller type seed guiding device. The main structural parameters of the impeller seed guide device were analyzed by constructing the kinematics model of the rice seed in the impeller seed guide process. Taking the long-grain rice variety Chuangliangyou 4418 as the seeding object, the effects of inner impeller radius, blade offset angle and seeding angle on the hole-forming and seeding-guiding performance of impeller seeding-guiding device were studied by bench seeding test. The optimal structural parameter combination of seeding-guiding device was determined as inner impeller radius 56 mm, blade offset angle 11 ° and seeding angle 36 °. On this basis, the seeding performance test of different seed guiding devices of internal suction seed-metering device was carried out by using rice seeds with different external dimensions. The test results show that the impeller has better cavitation and hole spacing uniformity than the seed guide tube. The average hole diameter is not higher than 21.7 mm, the qualified rate of hole diameter is not lower than 96.1 %, and the coefficient of variation of hole spacing is not higher than 10.1 %. Compared with the seed guide tube, which is increased by 32 %, 16 % and 34 % respectively, And the average hole distance is about 200 mm in theory. The impeller seed guiding device proposed in this paper can improve the problem of poor performance of fixed-distance multi-grain hill-seeding in the tubular seed guiding device, and meet the seeding requirements of precision hole-direct seeding of rice. It provides a theoretical reference for the design of seed guiding device for one-hole multi-grain hole-direct seeding crop.

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