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Title : Design and experiment of a fertilizer deep applicator for twin-row within one ridge

Abstract :

This paper reports a new design of a deep fertilizer suitable for double row application in one ridge, as is commonly used on flat land in Guizhou Province, China for tobacco production. This fertilizer applicator can simultaneously achieve soil cultivation, ridge making and accurate fertilization. The implementation of the fertilizer applicator is combined with a system that controls fertilization based on operating speed. Conducted tests were conducted in a series of field experiments. As a result, tilling, ridged and fertilizer application can be carried out at the same time, the fertilizer application can be carried out deeply and accurately with a coefficient of variation of fertilizer uniformity of 12.3%, and 0.41 when the coefficient of variation of fertilizer application amount is 4.58%. The operating efficiency is hm 2 / h, and good ridges are formed with ridge height, apex width and foundation width of 28 mm, 1,318 mm and 1,755 mm, respectively, and the allowable range of the target values ​​of 30 mm, 1300 mm and 1700 mm. It was shown that it was.

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