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Title : Design and development of thresher for onion umbels (Allium Cepa Variety Aggregatum L.)

Abstract :

Freshly harvested sun-dried onions were peeled on a farm-level peeler to increase seed damage and overcome the heavy labor of traditional peeling methods, which affect germination and vitality factors. High quality seeds can be produced through effective peeling and separation processes. The peeling machine basically consists of a pre-peeling machine, a peeling machine and a blower. The PEG toothed pre-peeler separates the florets from the hard onion head and then sends them to the peeler for the separation of seeds from the florets. The raps bar type peeler separated seeds from floret and good seeds from dust and skin material. The performance of the peeler was evaluated for florette peeling efficiency at different feed rates, ambient and wash air rates, good seed rate collected, seed loss rate, and seed loss. It was concluded from the evaluation that a 6 mm concave gap gives good results at a supply rate of 100 ± 5 kg / h, an ambient speed of 7 m / s, and a washing air rate of 4.5 m / s. The peeler recorded maximum peeling efficiency, good seed rate collected, seed damage and cleaning efficiency of 99.85, 97.70, 1.75 and 96.46%, respectively.

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