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Title : Design and Analysis on M-PID Real-time Control System with Forced Read and Write Mode

Abstract :

As a non-linear resistor with memory characteristics, the memristor plays an important role in areas such as image processing, pattern recognition, secure communication and intelligent systems due to its non-volatile storage and variable resistance. Currently, the research of memristor in memristive neuromorphic circuit is becoming more and more mature, but its application to the real-time control system needs to be improved. This study focuses on the proportional-integral-differential (PID) controller and combines the memristor with it to design a Memristive PID (M-PID) control system that can be used for the real-time control system. First, the Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) is used to separate the control system working circuit signal from the memristor trigger circuit signal, which can effectively avoid mutual interference between high frequency and low frequency signals. Second, using the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) transistor's own switching threshold, a threshold memristor control circuit with a “zero state” interval is designed, which can effectively avoid system oscillation caused by frequent switching of the PID controller. Third, a memristor forced read/write mode is proposed, which improves the lifetime of the memristor and simplifies the memristor control circuit. Using MATLAB simulation software, a second-order system is selected as the controlled object, and the proposed scheme is simulated and verified. The results show that the proposed scheme is reasonable and feasible, and can provide certain technical support for the commercial application of the memristor.

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