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Title : Cultivars and Planting times effect on growth, yield, quality and economics of sweet corn (Zea mays L. Var. Saccharata) under different conditions: Review

Abstract :

In order to best utilize the moisture, nutrients and solar radiation and for obtaining high seed yield of good quality, optimum time of sowing should be identified. The taste of sweet corn kernels is 25-30% sweeter than normal corn. At optimum market maturity, sweet corn will contain 5 to 6% sugar, 10 to 11% starch, 3% water-soluble polysaccharides, and 70% water. Sweet corn must be harvested during optimal maturity to obtain best eating quality, a finite capacity of vegetable processing facilities and steady demand for fresh produce necessitate all harvest period. Producers extend harvest by staggering planting dates and planting hybrids with different maturity dates. Factors influencing the productivity of sweet corn and maize are numerous and include environmental conditions, cultivars characteristics, soil management practices and plant population density Knowledge of sweet corn response to environmental conditions has led to improvements in crop production.

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