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Title : Correlation studies between temperature variables during different phenophases and flower quality parameters of Hybrid Tea rose cultivar Minu Pearle

Abstract :

Floral characters of rose cultivar Minu Pearle influenced in varied degree by studied temperature related weather variables. Correlation between floral characters and weather parameters studied with 6 different phenological stages (P1- bending to FBE, P2- FBE to SR, P3- SR to full bloom, P4- bending to SR, P5- FBE to full bloom and P6- bending to full bloom). Among the characters studied, all the characters negatively correlated with all the temperature related weather variables, except accumulated diurnal variation of temperature at all the phenological stages. Improvement in floral characters was observed with wider day and night temperature along with higher number of bright sun shine hours during the peak flowering stage (December to January).

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