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Title : Correlation of aonla orchards to soil nutrient status with growth, flowering and fruiting characteristics

Abstract :

A survey was carried out to study the correlation between available soil nutrients with growth, flowering and physico-chemical characteristics of 110 aonla fruit orchards of Akhnoor, Raya and Purmandal areas of Jammu subtropics during 2016 and 2017. The soil nutrients status in these aonla orchards varied from 79 to 536.50 kg/ha nitrogen (N), 4.65 to 17.57 kg/ha phosphorus (P), 36.65 to 235.95 kg/ha potassium (K), 6.3 to 13.81 mg/kg sulphur (S), 0.31 to 7.18 mg/kg zinc (Zn), 1.37 to 16.76 mg/kg iron (Fe), 0.34 to 4.8 mg/kg copper (Cu) and 0.11 to 2.94 mg/kg manganese (Mn). The relationship between tree height, tree spread and tree volume with soil N, P, K, Zn, Cu and Mn were found to be positive and significant. A negative but significant relationships of soil N was found with duration of flowering while as the total numbers of flowers and male flowers had highly significant correlation with N, P, Zn, Cu and Mn. The relationship of soil N, P, Cu and Mn were found to be highly significant with fruit weight, length, diameter, volume, pulp weight, dry weight of pulp, stone weight and pulp: stone ratio, while as negative significant correlation of specific gravity with P, Fe and Cu. Soil N, P, K, Mg, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn exhibited positive and significant relationship with TSS, TSS: acid ratio, total sugar, reducing sugar, ash content, pH, protein, polyphenols and starch.

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