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Title : Constraints in Utilization of Market-led Extension Practices by Vegetable Growers of Odisha

Abstract :

India is the largest producer of vegetables in the world after China. The market-led extension is the market orientation of agriculture through extension, with a blend of economics, which aids in reaching the doorsteps of the farming community with the help of appropriate technologies. The present study was conducted to analyze the constraints faced by the vegetable growers in utilising market-led extension practices in terms of Production, Marketing, and Extension Constraints. Ex-post-facto research design was used for carrying out the study. The study was conducted considering two Districts, namely: Cuttack from Higher Production Potential Districts (HPPD) and Puri from Lower Production Potential Districts (LPPD). The sample for the study was 240. The Garrett ranking technique was used to rank and analyze the constraints in utilising market-led extension practices as perceived by the vegetable Growers. The top most important production constraint was the unavailability of required inputs at required time. Lack of remunerative Price was a major marketing constraint in the Study area. The major extension constraint was the lack of follow-up activities by extension personnel. These findings will be helpful to the Government in formulating a location-specific policy framework and relevant guidelines for promoting vegetable Growers.

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