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Title : Constraints Faced by Dairy Farmers in Haryana

Abstract :

Dairy production is the robust tool for the rural India to advance their financial as well as social status. The current study was conducted in the dry region and wet region of Haryana, were denoted as Zone-I and Zone-II respectively in this study. Zone-I includes the districts of Kaithal and Karnal. Zone-II comprises of Sirsa and Hisar districts to analyze the constraints faced by the dairy farmers in Haryana state. The present study was carried out by personally interviewing 200 dairy farmers, by adopting multi stage stratified random sampling technique taken on five-point Likert scale, IBM SPSS- 22 software was used for analysing the data by mean score percent. The findings of this study indicated that the major constraints faced by dairy farmers were production constraints, marketing constraints, financial constraints and other constraints like unavailability of skilled labor etc. With respect to production constraints, respondents perceived high cost of compound feed (57 %), lack of specialized dairy training (56.5%) and lack of knowledge about common contagious disease and their control measures (51.5%) as the most important constraint. With regard to financial constraints, the respondents reported that the high rate of interest (53%) was the most critical constraint followed by lengthy procedure for getting loan (63%) and inadequate land availability for fodder cultivation (30%). Poor marketing facilities (49%), lack of transportation facilities (32.5%), late payments received by producers (31.5%) and less remunerative prices of milk (20.5%) were the top 4 constraints under marketing constraints. With regard to other constraints, unavailability of skilled labor (53%) considered as the most important constraint by the farmers. The study revealed that among all the constraints, financial constraints is one of most important constraints and need to be focused more as majority of the respondents were facing problem regarding high rate of interest on dairy loans, dairy farming requires high initial investment hence dairy farmers needs credits. New policies should be framed for credit availability in dairy sector, followed by unavailability of skilled labor, production constraints and marketing constraints. The study suggested that trainings and awareness programs may be formulated frequently to the dairy farmers in the area with which they are more concerned.

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