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Title : Conservation agriculture effects on root traits, productivity and profitability of rice in Rice-Wheat-Summer moong cropping system

Abstract :

The experiment was established during kharif season 2019 and 2020 with different cropping systems were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with four replications at Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. The result revealed that the more no. of tiller count, PARI (%), no. of grain panicle-1, weight of grains/panicle (g), panicle length (cm), harvest index and 1000-grain weight (g) were produced under CA based management scenario PTR-Happy seeder wheat-summermoong(ZT)(+R) -Sc2 and lowest under PTR – CT wheat–summermoong(R0)-Sc1 during both the years. Scenario Sc2 (74.5 and 77.8 q ha-1) produced 8.96 and 11.78 per cent during first year and second year higher grain yield compared to Sc1 (68.3 and 69.5 q ha-1) in first and second years, respectively. Significantly the maximum root traits i.e. total root length, stem and system width were observed under Sc2 as compared to Sc1. Irrigation water applied varied from 1125-1275 and 1425-1725 cm ha-1 during first and second years, respectively. CA scenario Sc2 recorded 23.50 per cent higher IWP during the first year and 35.23 per cent higher IWP during the second year compared to Sc1 scenario. Whereas, the highest benefit cost ratio (B: C ratio) was recorded under Sc2 (2.36 &2.65) as compared to Sc1 (1.64 &1.71) during both the year. The system productivity recorded highest in CA based cropping system as compared to conventional till.

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