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Title : Complexity of Subsystems interaction on Watershed Hydrological Retort. A case study of Ikpoba River.

Abstract :

Hydrological reaction of watershed to changing climate is among main features of hydrology. To x-ray the impact of climate transformation on the hydrological reaction of Ikpoba watershed, the watershed was first demarcated so as to delineate the basins and the corresponding sub-basins within the watershed. Result shows that the watershed has a total soil area of 5078.2509ha, which categorize the landuse definition into forest mixed with total area of 1452.0287ha, agriculture (total area of 1835.3243ha), residential (total area of 1655.1857 and water (total area of 135.7022). The region occupied by water was witnessed to be very insignificant which might not be the true illustration of what is on ground, but this is correct in model development since the orthophoric (areal) assessment of the watershed shown that the entire water body within the basin is covered by water hyacinth which was why the model appraised the total region occupied by the water body as 135.7022ha equated to forest mixed which was projected as 1452.0287ha.

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