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Title : Comparative Histochemical Studies on Lungs of Aseel and Vanaraja Breeds of Poultry

Abstract :

Lungs of 28 birds of Assel and Vanaraja breeds of poultry were studied for Histochemical studies by dividing them in to two groups (Grower and Adult). Lung’s were comprises of bronchial system and lobules and lobules were separated by interlobular septae. Collagen, elastic and reticular fibers were studied in histological slide of lungs with special stain. Lung tissues of both groups were compared for PAS and AB-PAS positivity. This was more distinct in Aseel than Vanaraja breeds of poultry in all the parts of lungs in both adult and grower groups. Epithelium and muscle tissue of the lungs shows moderate to intense PAS positivity in both adult and grower groups. It was slightly more intense in Aseel breed in both the age group.

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