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Title : Comparative efficacy of fungicides, biocontrol agents and plant extracts against wilt of clusterbean caused by Fusarium solani

Abstract :

On isolation, from diseased plants, the associated pathogen was identified as Fusarium solani and its pathogenicity was confirmed on susceptible cultivar RGC 197 by seed, soil and seed-cum-soil inoculations under artificially inoculated conditions. Comparative efficacy of fungicides by poison food technique shows that only carbendazim and carbendazim + mancozeb both fungicides gave complete inhibition of mycelial growth at 200 and 300 ppm while Fosetyl aluminium + Fluopicolide was found least effective at all concentration. Similarly the antagonistic activity of six biocontrol agents was tested by dual culture technique and results revealed that the maximum inhibition of mycelial growth (85.20%) was recorded by Trichoderma harzianum while theminimum was by Bacillus subtillis (64.00%). Among five plant extracts, Neem was found most effective in inhibiting mycelial growth (56, 78 and 80%) while Datura (40.00, 60.00 and 61.00%) were found least effective.

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