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Title : Comparative effects of inorganic and organic trace minerals supplementation on the expression of immune regulatory genes in broilers

Abstract :

Broiler production in tropical countries is generally sub-optimal. Inorganic and organic trace minerals supplementation improves immunity, growth performance in the broilers. In the poultry diet, trace minerals (zinc [Zn], selenium [Se], and chromium [Cr]) are normally administered in the inorganic form which has been traditionally considered as the most cost-effective and easily available but organic forms of these trace minerals have a higher bioavailability, lower dietary inclusion and cause less environmental pollution as compared to inorganic form. This study aimed to investigate the effect of different concentrations of organic and inorganic forms of trace minerals (Zn, Se and Cr) supplementation (0-35 days) in immune regulatory genes expression and biochemical parameters in broilers. A total of 216 broilers were randomly divided into twelve groups supplemented with different concentration of these trace minerals. RT-PCR expression analysis of ChIL-12p35 and ChIFN- genes in the bursa of Fabricius and spleen revealed that maximum up-regulation of ChIL-12p35 was in the T3 group; whereas, the maximum up-regulation of ChIFN- gene was in the T12 group as compared to the control group. Total serum protein, albumin, globulin and serum electrolyte were significantly higher (p<0.05) in the organic trace mineral supplemented group. From the present study results, it can be concluded that the effect of supplementing organic trace minerals to broilers on the expression of the immunoregulatory gene and biochemical parameters is better than their inorganic counterpart.

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