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Title : Comparative Economic analysis of Laser land levelling vis-à-vis Conventional land levelling in Sirsa District of Haryana

Abstract :

A parallel comparison between laser land levelling (LLL) and conventional land levelling (CLL) was conducted to quantify economic benefits of laser land levelling. Cotton-wheat cropping pattern of Sirsa district of Haryana was investigated to achieve stated objective. Sirsa district was selected on the basis of highest area under cotton-wheat cropping pattern. Various concepts of cost and Returns were utilised to evaluate economic profitability of laser land levelling. Total costs were found higher in case of cotton and wheat CLL (Rs.97127 and Rs.80130) as compared to LLL (Rs.95744 and Rs.78805) respectively. While, net returns for cotton and wheat was found on higher side in case of LLL (Rs.13361 and Rs.35641) than CLL (Rs.10515 and Rs.25927) respectively. Higher B-C ratio for cotton and wheat under LLL (1.15 and 1.41) than CLL (1.11 and 1.32) respectively shows economic profitability of laser land levelling as a resource conserving intervention.

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