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Title : Comparative clinical study of coded Unani drug Migcas with Allopathic drug “Migril” for the treatment of Migraine (Shaqiqa)”

Abstract :

Migraine is a common brain illness with a high rate of impairment caused by a variety of aberrant neural networks interacting at various levels of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Researchers have been able to unravel some neurophysiological pathways and neurotransmitter involvement thanks to a surge in interest in migraine pathophysiology, resulting in the recent development of innovative medicines that could significantly alter the clinical approach to migraine sufferers. The objective of this research is to evaluate the efficacy of Unani coded formulations to allopathic medicine in the treatment of migraines. On an animal model, the toxicity index as well as, safety profile of the test medication were evaluated. A single dosage of 2000 mg/kg was administered to Swiss Albino mice in an acute toxicity investigation; while 3 various dosages were given to Wistar rats in a sub-acute toxicity study. RCTs (Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials) were carried out. In an acute toxicity trial, there was no evidence of morbidity or mortality after a single dosage of 2000 mg/kg/day was given. There were no significant changes in food as well as water consumption, body weight, haematological parameters, renal function parameters, liver function test, or lipid profile in the sub-acute toxicity research. The results of a randomized controlled experiment demonstrated that the effect was essentially identical to that of a placebo in the treatment of migraine.

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