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Title : Combined hepatocellular cholangiocellular carcinoma in ducks in India

Abstract :

Combined hepatocellular cholangiocellular carcinomas are the rarest form of primary hepatic tumors in avian species. Many reports of cHCC-CCA have been reported in animals with minimum reports in avian family. The present article deals with the occurrence of cHCC-CCA in ducks reported to Veterinary pathology department, LUVAS. Grossly the ducks were emaciated with presence of blood in the abdominal cavity, pale enlarged liver with yellow to green raised firm nodules of varying sizes. Histopathological examination confirmed mixed hepatic tumor as both hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinoma lesions were evident. Increased proliferation of the bile duct along with fatty change in hepatocytes with altered cytoplasm-nuclei ratio, anisokaryosis, anisocytosis, binucleation and presence of mitotic figures. Special staining revealed presence of thick fibrous capsule separating the tumor masses. To our knowledge this is the first case of occurrence of combined hepatocellular cholangiocellular carcinoma eluciadted in ducks in India.

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