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Title : Coffee cultivation in agro forestry system in the non-traditional Bastar zone of Chhattisgarh

Abstract :

The present investigation was undertaken in the Darbha block of Bastar region in Chhattisgarh. The data's are based on three year old coffee plantations planted in 2017-2018. The results revealed the maximum under storied plant height in Chandragiri Dwarf (1.86 m) which was at par with CxR (1.82 m) and San Ramon (1.71 m) whereas CxR recorded the maximum diameter at breast height (3.72) and number of branches plant-1 (45.15). With regard to the upper storied crop agro ecosystem, silver oak recorded the maximum plant height (7.84 m) in S-8 intercropped line while the diameter at breast height in silver oak was the highest in CxR (5.58 m) intercropped lines which was at par with the intercropped lines of S-8 (5.40 m). Chandragiri Dwarf recorded the maximum under storied biomass from above ground biomass (118.41 Mg ha–1) and below ground biomass (29.60 Mg ha–1) as well as carbon sequestration recording 217.28 and 54.32 Mg ha-1 respectively from above and below ground zone. However the total carbon stock including the under storied as well as upper storied agro ecosystem was the highest in S-8 (230.43 and 57.61 Mg ha-1 respectively) followed by CxR (209.96 and 52.49 Mg ha-1 respectively).

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