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Title : Chemical composition of propolis samples of stingless bees from South India

Abstract :

The commercial use of stingless bee propolis is very much limited in India due to lack of information about the composition of propolis and its health benefits. The composition of propolis depends on the type of vegetation, the species of bee, the season and the area of collection. This study was done to find out the propolis composition of Tetragonula iridipennis from two distinct regions of South India (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Kozhikode, Kerala). Ethanol extracts of the propolis samples were prepared and analysed in gas chromatograpy mass spectroscopy for their chemical composition. The major compounds identified based on per cent area in Coimbatore sample includes isopimaric acid, a sesquiterpene compound (29.03%), b-amyrin, a triterpene compound (13.62 %), Lup-20 (29)-ene-3-one (Betulin), a triterpene compound (10.83%) various resin acids, glycerol (3.61%) and 13-retinoic acid, a metabolite of vitamin A (3.01%) and other ketones, flavanone compounds. Where as in Kozhikode sample, glycerol (22.57%), 6,b-bicyclononane, a aldehyde compound (9.85 %), sugars like glucose, fructose, mannose and other sugar molecules (13.91), lanosterol, a tritepene compound ( 6.91 %) and other fatty acids were the major components identified.

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