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Title : Characterization of Morphological, Physio-Chemical and Fertility Properties of Pear Growing Orchards under Temperate Conditions of Jammu & Kashmir, India

Abstract :

The occurrence of diverse soil types necessitates their scientific characterisation in order to understand their potential and problems in the production of crops and land resource management. For this purpose, six typical pedons in selected were undertaken from three different physiographic zones to study various morphological, physico-chemical and fertility parameters. The soil samples collected were analyzed as per standard procedures. The soils were moderately deep to very deep in depth, light yellowish brown to dark brown in colour, predominantly clay loam and silt loam to loam clay and occasionally sandy loam in texture, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline in reaction in (pH 6.6 to 7.53); normal electrical conductivity (0.18 – 0.48 dSm-1) and low to high in organic carbon (0.12 to 1.28%). The values of cation exchange capacity (CEC) were moderate were moderate (13.16 to 17.85 Cmolkg-1), dominated by exchangeable calcium (74%) followed by Mg, K and Na (Ca++ >Mg++> K+>Na+) with base saturation (BS %) values of 73.16–7.20% in high followed by mid (65.69–68.70%) and low altitudes (61.30–63.32%). Soils were high in available N, P, K, Mg, Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe; medium in Ca and S and low in S and B. For nutrients the spatial variability (CV %) ranges from 2.75 to 30.10% in soil and 2.50 to 26.20% in leaf with significant magnitude among some micronutrients along altitude and depth factors. A significant and positive correlation of available N, P, K, Ca, Cu, Mn, Fe, and B with their corresponding leaf nutrients was recorded. Nutrients like N, P, Ca, S, Zn, and Fe observed significant and positive relationship with fruit yield. The soils under study were classified as Inceptisols and Entisols in the USDA system of soil classification. A linear regression model (R2) suggested the combined effect of soil parameters (pH and OC with R2 = 0.7634 and 0.3069) on the yield performance of the pear orchards in the area.

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