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Title : Breeding and evaluation of Pleurotus sp. for short duration and high yielding potential by intraspecific hybridization

Abstract :

Pleurotus is a dominant genus comprising several edible species of great commercial significance. Crop duration of the commercially cultivated Pleurotus sp. is 45 to 50 days. Breeding of new strains for improved quality, early maturity and biological efficiency is an emerging concept. P. djamor isolate woody-1 was collected as natural selection and was found to be short cropping duration of 30 days but it is less palatable having rough texture in nature. It produced very thin, loose and non-rhizomorphic mycelia appearing dull white colour. This isolate was crossed with commercially available Pleurotus variety P. florida having long crop duration of 48-50 days but it is palatable and producing thick, compact and rhizomorphic mycelia with bright white colour. This study investigated to produce and evaluate hybrid progenies having short duration with high yielding potential through intraspecific hybridization between P. djamor isolate woody-1 and P. florida. Hybrid strains viz., K7Pf5, K1Pf4 and K4Pf4 produced 1st primordia in 12-14 days after spawning with total cropping duration of 33-40 days. The efficiency of hybrids produced were compared with their parents and also with other commercially available varieties (P. djamor MDU1 and P. eous var APK-1). Hybrid cultivar governing short duration with enhanced yield and high biological efficiency along with other desirable traits were identified for the benefit of mushroom farmers.

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